Condos for rent

Looking for a prime property rental in the heart of Toronto? The Rental Lifestyle Group Inc. (RLG) offers the best Toronto condo rentals that will fit your lifestyle.  Whether you are on the look out for a fully furnished Toronto luxury condo rental or a more toned down unfurnished condo suite, RLG will be able to provide you with a suitable rental at a suitable price that will enhance your living comfort and lifestyle. Offering the best choices there is in downtown Toronto property rentals the Rental Lifestyle Group will make your search quick and hassle free. They have Waterfront rentals, Yorkville furnished condos, Ltower  rentals, Pier 27 rentals and condos located in other prime locations all over Toronto. Find your new home in the home of all the quality rentals in Toronto,, where the rental property lists are updated real time. Stay up-to-date! Download our RSS Feed.

There is an increasing demand for condo leasing in Toronto and a lot of tenants are finding that the quality of the condos for rent are not as good as the ads project. This makes finding a reliable property management company important. Only rent or lease from a company that has a proven track record and  a rock solid reputation in real estate. RLG is a leading property management company in Toronto, owned and managed by two of the most bankable names in the property management industry, Larry Morassutti and Gerard DiLeo. Larry Morassuti a valued property advisor and consultant is also the Director of Orlando Corporation, Canada's largest privately-owned industrial developer and landlord. Gerard DiLeo has extensive experience in managing real estate properties in both Canada and the U.S., he is also a regular contributor to the press regarding the state of the condominium rental market. They lead a team of leasing and property management professionals that can assist you in finding the condo suite that suits your style best.