Leasing and Management

The Rental LifeStyle Group staff is dedicated in providing you leasing and management services for your properties in Toronto!

Lease Structuring

We structure the lease document between the condominium owner and the tenant and administer all aspects of the terms including obligations to the Condominium Corporation and guideline rent increases.

Revenue Collection

We ensure your rents are collected on time and in strict accordance with provisions of the lease.

Condominium Maintenance

Our management team is conversant in all aspects of the physical care of your condominium. We will report to you on any repairs that may be required throughout the leased period, and negotiate best prices from our extensive pool of professional trades to ensure cost-efficiency.

Operating Expense Payment

We will ensure that all operating expenses are paid from revenue collections. Our management portfolio size allows us to negotiate lower costs for insurance, advertising and repairs and maintenance than individual owners can negotiate.


Our reporting provides you with an instant profile of the revenues, expenses and profitability of your investment.

Real Estate Advisory

Our Real Estate Advisory provides appraisal services, realty tax assessment reviews, market analysis of rental rates and sales, and lease revenue enhancement strategies.

Lease Revenue Enhancements

As one example of a lease revenue enhancement strategy, we can provide cost/revenue analysis of leasing furnished suites versus unfurnished units. On your behalf we can call for prices from different sources to provide decor alternatives for a furnished suite package.

Digital Photo Records

Our management of your condominium includes a digital photo record of the prime rooms of your suite to provide a visual record of the condition of the property at the time our service commences.

Market Updates

Our Real Estate Advisory division provides you with the most up to date overview of condominium lease and sale rates.

Our Fees

Our management fees are structured to be competitive with market rates. There is a one time leasing administration fee for conducting the tenant screening, credit review, tenant selection and lease documentation.